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- 1970 Nine industry members met at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. They discussed their belief that supporting the future growth of golf course construction would be an honorable profession, and formed the Golf Course Builders of America.

- 1971 The Golf Course Builders of America had 10 members and adopted its first bylaws.

- 1983 Don Rossi, an attorney and Executive Director for the National Golf Foundation, came to work for the Association and moved the Executive Office to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The members of the Association honor him annually when they present the Don A. Rossi Award to an individual who has made significant contributions to the game of golf and its growth.

- 1991 Phil Arnold, then working as Vice President and in-house legal counsel for the National Golf Foundation, became the Executive Vice President in 1991. He moved the Executive Office to Chapel Hill, North Carolina and changed the name to Golf Course Builders Association of America.

- 1992 The Board of Directors established the Professional Certification Program for Builder Members.

- 1997 The Sticks for Kids Program was formed to introduce the game of golf to America's youth.

- 2000 Lee Hetrick became the Executive Director and moved the Executive Office to Lincoln, Nebraska. The bylaws of the Association were revised and adopted by the Board of Directors, and the first Certification Board of Governors was established to lead the certification program.

- 2001 The Sticks for Kids Foundation was incorporated.

- 2006 Paul Foley became the Executive Director, Executive Office remains in Lincoln, Nebraska.

- 2009 Articles of Incorporation amended Incorporating the Association in Nebraska.

- 2010 GCBAA Board of Governors adds a Continuing Education Program to the Certification Program

- 2011 GCBAA Celebrates 40th Anniversary

- 2011 Justin Apel named Executive Director, Executive Office Lincoln, Nebraska

- 2011 GCBAA Supports Asia and China Golf Shows with Member support, education programming, exhibition