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Charter Members

Charter Members shall be those Members who have paid to the Association a one-time fee of $10,000. Charter members are eligible to be recognized in the Association's directory as Charter Members and their membership profiles may also include the–Charter Member" logo. Except as provided in this Section, the duration of a Charter Membership is perpetual, without requirement of further dues or assessments beyond payment of the original fee. A Charter Membership may be terminated with or without cause by majority action of the Board of Directors. Charter Membership is available to any category of membership in the Association providing that the existing member is a member in good standing. A Charter Member's voting rights, if any, shall be limited to such Charter Member's category of membership. The Board of Directors must approve all Charter Memberships. Charter Memberships and the rights and privileges of Charter Members are transferable or assignable, only in the event of a change in the name of the Charter Member, and only if the Board of Directors approves the transfer or assignment. The Association of a change in the name of a Charter Member must submit requests for any transfer or assignment to the Board of Directors for consideration prior to recognition. Charter Members may terminate Charter Membership upon written request to the Board of Directors. Charter Members are entitled to sponsor up to three applicants for Affiliate membership without payment of Affiliate Member dues for the duration of the sponsor's Charter Membership.  Download Form

Company Charter Date
ACC Golf Construction 2007
Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. 2015
Aspen Corporation 2006
Boyd Irrigation, Inc. 1995
Bryant Taylor Gordon Golf 2007
Cal Olson Golf Architecture 2007
Caterpillar Inc. 2009
Colorado Lining International, Inc. 2008
Duininck Golf 2001
Dye Designs International 1992
Eagle Golf & Landscape Products 2003
Ewing Irrigation 2004
Fleetwood Services LLC 2016
Flowtronex 1993
Glase Golf, Inc.


HARCO Fittings 1998
Hartman Companies, Inc. 2015
Henderson & Company, Inc. 2015
Heritage Links 2017
Hunter Industries 1999
ISCO Industries, LLC 1997
J L Pierman International Associates, Inc. 1992
JacklinGolf 1992
John Deere 1993

Landirr, Inc.


Landscapes Unlimited, LLC

LASCO Fittings, Inc. 2007
Leemco, Inc. 2007
Lepanto Golf Construction Inc. 2016
MacCurrach Golf 2006
McDonald & Sons, Inc. 2006
Medalist Golf, Inc. 2008
Mid-America Golf & Landscape, Inc. 2006
NMP Golf Construction Corp. 2007
Profile Products LLC 2006
QGS Development, Inc. 2001
Rain Bird Corporation - Golf Division 1992
Ryan Inc. Central 1995
Ryangolf Corporation 1996
Shapemasters, Inc. 2006
Southeastern Golf, Inc. 2008
Sunbelt Rentals 2012
SportZmix Solutions - Waupaca Sand & Solutions 2015
TDI International, Inc. 2006
Tee-2-Green 1995
The Cart Path Company 2007
The Toro Company 1996
United Golf, LLC 2016
Wadsworth Golf Construction Company 1993
West Coast Turf 1995